Plan International has supported Quang Tri people with more than 13 billion VND to stabilize their life after natural disasters

Updating Date: 03/11/2020 10:27:38

(QTO) - Mr. Phan Dinh Hiep, Plan International Project Area Manager in Quang Tri said that Plan International Vietnam has mobilized funds to support people in floodplain areas in Quang Tri province with more than 13 billion VND. to contribute to recovery and stabilization of life after natural disasters.


Plan International grants support to people in Huc commune, Huong Hoa district
Photo: P.I

The amount started to be disbursed from the end of October 2020, expected to be disbursed in 6 months, divided into 3 phases, with special priority given to families with loss of life, households with people with disabilities, children or pregnant women, raising children, poor households and sponsored young families.


In which, phase 1, the emergency support is provided with food, food and essential supplies package; Phase 2 cash support, environmental sanitation; Phase 3 focuses on recovering livelihoods built and owned by local youth.

Up to now, Plan International has granted food, food, essential items for personal and family hygiene to 3,600 households with about 18,000 people in 17 communes affected by floods of 2. Huong Hoa and Dakrong districts.


In order to provide support to the right needs, at the right place, the right people, at the right time, Plan International has coordinated local authorities, volunteers and youth groups from 2 localities to work hard to deal with their employers. not only the immediate problems but also ensure long-term livelihood stability and increase resilience for people in areas affected by natural disasters.

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