Pacifico Energy Company explores investment opportunities in renewable energy projects in Quang Tri

Updating Date: 29/09/2020 19:57:42

(QTO) - This afternoon, September 29, 2020, the Standing Vice Chairman of Ha Sy Dong People's Committee worked with Mr. Hoang Giang, Chairman and General Director of Pacifico Energy Company Limited (Pacifico Energy Company) on cooperation. investing in renewable energy in Quang Tri.


Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Ha Sy Dong affirmed that the province is always ready to support and accompany investors in the development of renewable energy sources - Photo: L.T


Pacifico Energy is a member unit of the Pacifico Energy Renewable Energy Group specializing in the development of solar and offshore wind power projects. Currently, the group has offices in Japan, the United States, South Korea and Vietnam, managing over 2,000 MW of wind and solar power with a total investment of over 3.5 billion USD.

With the goal of developing in Vietnam in the period 2020-2025, about 1,000 MW of wind power and solar power, the group has built and put into operation the Mui Ne solar power project from September 2020. Currently investing 2 other solar projects in Binh Thuan province and 1 wind power project in Ben Tre province.


Desiring to seek investment opportunities in renewable energy projects in Quang Tri province, Pacifico Energy's Chairman and General Director Mr. Hoang Giang proposed to invest in wind power projects, each project with maximum 50 MW in Huong Linh, Tan Lap, Tan Lien and Khe Sanh towns (Huong Hoa district) and solar power projects in Trieu Son and Trieu Trach communes (Trieu Phong district).

At the meeting, the Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Ha Sy Dong said that there are many investors interested in the development of wind and solar power projects in the province and the province are always ready to support. , accompanying investors in developing this renewable energy source.


In order to facilitate investors, the Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee assigned the Department of Industry and Trade to coordinate with the Department of Planning and Investment, the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Provincial Investment Promotion Center to act as the focal point to support and help investors. learn about the planning diagram of potential development of wind and solar power, resources and policies to attract investment in the province. At the same time, guide related procedures and bring investors to field surveys in some wind and solar power development locations in the province.


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