CRS Organization: Donated 42 computers to 3 schools in Cam Lo, Huong Hoa and Dakrong

Updating Date: 26/09/2020 08:32:22


(QTO) - In order to create more favorable conditions for teachers and students in the teaching and learning process, on September 25, 2020, at Cam Lo Town Primary School, Cam Lo District, Quang Tri Province Department of Education and Training coordinated with CRS in Vietnam to donate computers to a number of schools in Quang Tri province.


The representatives of CRS Organization and the provincial Department of Education and Training hand over the computer-aided symbol board to the schools- Photo: Anh Vu

On this occasion, CRS has donated 42 sets of computers and headphones worth more than 400 million VND to 3 schools in Cam Lo, Huong Hoa and Dakrong districts. Specifically: 18 sets of Primary School in Cam Lo town, Cam Lo district; Huong Hiep and Dakrong primary schools with 12 sets and Tan Thanh and Huong Hoa primary and secondary schools with 12 sets.


This is an activity carried out on a document of cooperation between the Department of Education and Training of Quang Tri province and CRS organization on the implementation of the program "Education to prevent accidents, mines and explosives" in Quang Tri.


Anh Vu

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