Cam Lo: More than 150 students participated in the Football Festival

Updating Date: 13/09/2020 16:55:43

(QTO) - In order to propagate to youth union members, students, children to understand the harms of mines and ERW as well as ways to prevent them, this afternoon, September 12, 2020, Cam Lo town's Youth Union coordinated with RENEW Quang Tri and Tran Hung Dao Secondary School, Cam Lo to organize a Football Festival activity with the content "Play football, not play bombs and mines". The program attracts the participation of more than 150 students.


Students are excited to participate in the active game - Photo: Truc Phuong


The program of Football Festival took place in an exciting and exciting atmosphere. At the program, the students learned a lot about accident prevention and injury caused by mines and ERW through team games, quick answers to questions about mines, bombs and mines. object,…


Besides, the Youth Union of Cam Lo town also gave 2 gifts to students with difficult circumstances, helping them to have more motivation to try harder in life.


Truc Phuong

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