Mussel Mai Xa - a delicious dish of Quang, not about to eat

Updating Date: 19/12/2020 10:31:54

(QTO) - This is a specialty dish of Mai Xa village. This dish is called mussel noodles but in fact it is delicious and famous by the great-grandchildren. This is the main ingredient that makes up the special flavor of this Quang Tri delicacy. When eating, you will find this dish surprisingly delicious.


Mai Xa Mussel Noodles is a dish that has become a special brand of Quang origin




Many people when visiting this dish, think of eating mussel noodles, but it is actually a great-granddaughter noodle dish. This great-granddaughter is darker in color and smaller than the mussel. When you eat this dish, you can feel the delicious and sweet taste of this dish. Because this Quang Tri delicacy is not only delicious but also very cheap. You can eat this Mai Xa mussel noodle with herbs and add cilantro, which is delicious. Adding a little ginger a little chili will make it more delicious and richer.


 Liên hệ - Góp ý  Quay lại!

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