Lam village dark soup - Quang Tri specialty

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(QTO) - Lam village soup is one of the famous specialties of Quang. This dish contains the typical flavors of the land here.


 Lam village broth is a very deliciously processed dish- Photo: Hue Vu

The main ingredients used to cook this soup are snakehead fish and Song vegetables. To ensure that this Quang Tri delicacy is delicious and right, snakehead fish must be caught in the fields. Especially if the snakehead fish has eggs, it is even more delicious and attractive. River vegetables are vegetables that have to be picked, washed and processed.

When you enjoy this dish, you will find its taste very different. Fatty, sour taste with a little bit of acrid taste, extremely rich. Because of this uniqueness, this Quang Tri delicacy always makes visitors sobbing and remembering forever.

Especially when taking this broth to eat with white rice will be very delicious and attractive. That is why this dish is often cooked by the people of Quang Tri on special occasions such as holidays, Tet or the death anniversary.

Make sure that with the delicious dishes of Quang Tri above, you will feel extremely excited to be discovered. Because they are all famous and evocative dishes that you should not miss when coming here.


Hue Vu

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