My Chanh filter dough cake

Updating Date: 02/12/2020 16:35:19


(QTO) - The cake is cheap, the ingredients are easy to find, nothing special but has its own flavor.


Quang Tri filter dough cake: - Photo - Kim Anh


This is one of the delicious Quang Tri dishes. The cake is made from a small grinding of cassava roots with the inside filling which can be pork, chicken, shrimp, green beans.


The most famous in Quang Tri is My Chanh filter cake. The crust is not sour or strong, but very delicious. Look at each of the small, pretty and transparent cakes to reveal the attractive red and pink shrimp inside.

Source: Quang Tri

 Liên hệ - Góp ý  Quay lại!

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